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The Means-Whereby Principle. Part 3.

Deconstructing a Song, Continued

The topic of our previous post was to lay out a plan of action. First, choose a song you'd like to learn. Next is to consider the steps to take in learning. Here, we begin to describe some of those steps in detail.

Take Time Directing

Taking time to work on yourself is by far the most important part of approaching an activity. Applying the means-whereby principle to an activity means little if, to begin with, you do not have an improved working of the primary control. Spend some time in the semi-supine position and then, when you get up, try out several other procedures including the monkey position and sitting and standing, as the basis for bringing about a condition of overall improved coordination.

Learn the Lyric

One of the first things we do when learning a song is to try to sing and play guitar all together. This is far too much to think about and will only result in end-gaining, so to begin with, work on the song and the guitar separately.

Print out the lyrics to the song, even if you know them by heart. If you cannot recite the lyrics independently of the melody, spend some time memorizing the lines so that you can recite them as poetry. Carry the printed lyrics around with you and memorize them line by line until you can recite all the lines by heart.

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