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JANUARY 17 – MARCH 1, 2023

A 20-hour online course from Dr. Theodore Dimon, author of the internationally acclaimed “Anatomy of the Voice.” 

January 17 - March 1, 2023


The human voice is one of nature’s greatest marvels. With it, we can produce different tones, sustain sounds, and create speech—all at a level that can be consciously controlled and trained. The voice, however, is not a discrete organ but part of an interactive system involving the whole self. We can train specific parts of the voice, but doing so overlooks the role of efficient coordination of the whole person in gaining a full command of the voice. 

This innovative course examines how breathing and the voice function as part of a total integrated system, how we can gain conscious awareness and control of this total system, and how an awareness of the mechanisms involved is fundamental not only to good vocal technique but to vocal health as well.

The course, which will contain both theoretical content and experiential self-study, is recommended for singers, actors, voice teachers, vocal coaches, and voice therapists, as well as anyone interested in learning more about, and improving, the use of their voice.

To read the syllabus, or for more information, click here.


$270 early bird (until December 17); $300 regular

Student Price: $230 early bird (until December 17); $260 regular

The Dimon Institute Scholarship Fund is able to offer a limited number of full and partial need-based scholarships to those in financial need. Please complete this form by January 3rd, 2023 to apply.

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