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A 10-hour online course – free of charge – from Dr. Theodore Dimon, author of the internationally acclaimed “Anatomy of the Voice.” 

March 20- April 7, 2023


Human upright posture is the most complex movement system in the animal kingdom and evolved sequentially from earlier and more primitive forms of movements. Studying these developmental movements makes it possible to effect improvements in the working of the muscular system, to gain insight into how to move more efficiently, and to progress from more basic to more advanced forms of balance and support. Three stages of movement will be explored: primitive postures on the ground, crawling and creeping, and clambering.


I will present Developmental Movement as a series of 9 one-hour classes over three weeks, March 20 through April 6, 12-1pm. Classes will be held Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, with review classes on Thursdays led by teaching assistants Brandt Kempin and James French.

Each class will be recorded. The recordings will be posted on the website for all students to view.

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