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Founder and Director

Dr. Theodore Dimon is founder and director of the Dimon Institute and is the world's leading expert on the Alexander Technique.

Theodore Dimon, Ed.D., is Founder and Director of The Dimon Institute and an Adjunct Professor at Columbia University, Teachers College. An internationally renowned expert and teacher of the Alexander Technique, he created the Dimon Institute in 1996 in Cambridge, MA, to research, develop, and train teachers in the field of Psychophysical Education. He was certified in the Alexander Technique from the Constructive Teaching Centre in London by Walter Carrington in 1983. To establish national standards for teacher certification in the United States, he co-founded the American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT) in 1987. He has taught in New York City since 2005. A graduate of Tufts University, Dr. Dimon received both his master's and doctorate degrees in education from Harvard University.


Dr. Dimon has written ten books, including Anatomy of the Moving Body; The Body in Motion: Its Evolution and Design; Anatomy of the Voice; Your Body, Your Voice; Breathing and the Voice; The Elements of Skill; The Undivided Self; A New Model of Man’s Conscious Development; Neurodynamics: The Art of Mindfulness in Action; and The Use of the Hands in Teaching. He is the editor of Frank Pierce Jones’ Collected Writings on the Alexander Technique.

Meet Our Faculty

Tara Fenamore is a doctoral candidate at Columbia Teachers College.
Tara Fenamore

Doctoral Candidate in Psychophysical Education

Teaching Assistant

Tara Fenamore is a doctoral candidate in the Interdisciplinary  Studies Program at Teachers College, Columbia University. She is a 2018 graduate of the Dimon Institute. Her area of study is psychomotor learning and development in early childhood. Her dissertation assimilates the theories and practices of F.M. Alexander and Dr. Theodore Dimon into existing models of human development and motor learning. This work includes a qualitative research proposal to identify variables that contribute to the presentation of maladaptive postural deviations in young children. Her teaching experience in the early childhood classroom includes Hollingworth Preschool at Teachers College and The Speyer School in NYC. Tara is passionate about the inclusion of psychophysical education in standard early childhood curricula and enjoys using songs to guide children’s attention to their body-selves.

James French is a membe Dimon Institute faculty and teaches Alexander Technique lessons in New York City
James French

Research Assistant

Teaching Assistant

James French is a full-time research and teaching assistant at the Dimon Institute. His research focuses on the human upright support mechanism, and its role in a model of conscious development. He has studied at the Dimon Institute since 2013 and received a bachelor's degree in philosophy from Penn State in 2004.


James French has taught Alexander Technique lessons in New York City since 2016, and is available for private lessons:

Serena Woolf


Serena Woolf MA, MSTAT, BSc (Hons) studied  at The Dimon Institute for four years. She received a Masters degree from Teachers College, Columbia University with a concentration in Psychophysical Education. Residing in London, she serves on the Institute Board of Directors, and is a visiting teacher at the School. 

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