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Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique Teacher Training 

Located in the historic Harlem neighborhood of New York City, the Dimon Institute offers intensive training in the Alexander Technique led by Ted Dimon, the author of more than 10 books covering different aspects of the field.


Our central program, designed for serious practitioners and future professionals, is our three-year course of study leading to professional certification in the Alexander Technique. The program is approved by the American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT); graduates of the program are fully qualified to teach the Alexander Technique. 

Classes are held Monday through Thursday from 9am – 12:30pm at our Harlem brownstone on West 123rd Street in Manhattan.

The course contains both in-depth practical study and theoretical coursework. Please see our course catalog.

For a wider view of the emerging field of Psychophysical Education, please see The Study of the Self in Action.

Detailed Curriculum

Students at the Institute study a wide range of topics, including:

  • basic anatomy and functional anatomy

  • topics in neuroscience

  • the voice and vocal production

  • the diagnostic criteria of use

  • clinical observation

  • childhood motor development

  • detailed study of everyday acts -- walking, lifting, sitting, etc

  • detailed study of skilled acts -- musical instruments, writing with a pen, etc

  • the existing literature of the field -- Alexander, Dewey, Jones, Carrington etc

  • attention and awareness

For a detailed list of topics covered, please see our course catalog.

Practicing Violin

The Highest Training Standard

The mission of the Dimon Institute is to teach interested individuals, to train teachers, and to model the application of these ideas in the fields of education, health, and learning.


The Institute is also committed to maintaining and improving the standard of Alexander Technique teacher training. Trainees will have:


  • Extensive one-on-one guidance from Dr. Theodore Dimon

  • A unique education in one's own use and function

  • Full course of instruction in the hands-on skills required for teaching

  • 1600 hours of work to the highest standard

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