What is Alexander Technique?

The study of our complex biological systems and our potential to use these systems in an integrated and conscious way is the basis for a truly holistic and enlightened conception of health and living.


The Dimon Institute's model is based on the study of the human being's evolutionary design; the role of our complex biological design in development and learning; an understanding of the integrated and conscious working of the organism in action; and the role of awareness and attention as higher forms of knowing and acting. We study bodily and motor control systems; voluntary movement and attention; the conscious use and function of these systems as the basis for a holistic model of healthful living; and the psychology of awareness in its broader evolutionary and biological context. 

F.M. Alexander's work in physical function, psychology, skill, and health suggested a broad new field of study. His investigations opened up avenues for research and theory that are only beginning to be explored. To answer the question, "What is Alexander Technique?" we must realize that Alexander's work is more than a technique. The Dimon Institute's mission is to clearly define and further establish this field.

Here, we discuss five components of our model. Click on the links to read more.

I began to see that my findings up till now implied the possibility of the opening up of an entirely new field of enquiry.

F.M. Alexander (1932)

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Founded and led by Dr. Theodore Dimon, The Dimon Institute is a world-renowned center for the study of the Alexander Technique in New York City, providing the most comprehensive, in-depth training and Alexander Technique teacher certification (AmSAT certified) available. 

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