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Fall 2022 - Sensorimotor Awareness
Module 3: The Leg Spirals

Live Online Lecture/Workshop Intensives

October 17 - October 27, 2022

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This fall, the Dimon Institute is offering an intensive series of classes in kinesthetic education taught by Dr. Ted Dimon. The Leg Spirals will be the third two-week module and will meet 2 hours per day, Monday through Thursday, 10:00AM-12:00PM EST (with recordings available for those who cannot attend live). This module will also include optional Developmental Movement, Review, and Discussion classes. 


Module 3: The Leg Spirals

Although the leg muscles are designed mainly to flex and extend the leg at the hip and knee, the leg as a whole rotates at the hip and the muscles that move the legs wrap around the legs to form a double-spiral. We can observe the spiraling movements of the leg when an infant crawls. The child advances the leg by rotating or splaying the leg outwardly at the hip and then, to extend the leg, rotates the leg inwardly. These same movements take place when we walk on two feet: the knee must bend freely as the leg rotates outwardly at the hip and then, to extend the leg, the leg rotates inwardly.

The problem is that, when we walk and stand on two feet, we tend to interfere with the spiral musculature of the legs, bracing the legs so that they are shortened and overworked and, when we need to bend at the knee, prevent the knee from flexing freely. To function properly, the spiral muscles must release into length so that the legs lengthen naturally out of the trunk, making it possible to support ourselves freely on two feet and to use the hip, knee, and ankle joints with flexibility and ease. 

In this module, we will explore the spiral muscles of the leg, identifying each spiral and its role in movement, both on the floor and in the upright posture. We’ll look at the hip musculature and its role in upright support, the main groups of muscles on the upper and lower legs, and the crucial role of the ankle joint in walking and upright support.


  • Cost per module: $100 early bird (by August 21); $120 regular

  • Cost for full term (all five modules): $450 early bird (by August 21); $525 regular

  • Student Discount - 20% off early bird and regular rates. All students currently enrolled in any professional certification or degree program are invited to register at a discounted rate. Please register here to receive a student coupon code.

  • The Dimon Institute Scholarship Fund is able to offer a limited number of full and partial need-based scholarships to those in financial need. Please complete this form by August 16th to apply.

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