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F. Matthias Alexander observed that the “relativity in the use of the head, neck, and other parts” constituted a “primary control of the general use of the self” (The Use of the Self, 1932). With the observations made in this groundbreaking book, Alexander heralded a discovery of far-reaching importance—one that, over a hundred years after Alexander’s initial observations, is still far ahead of its time.

As a profession, we in the Alexander Technique must come to terms with Alexander's observations into human functional design. A core goal of the Dimon Institute is to clearly define the primary control.

Head Balance and Upright Posture

In our pilot study, we examine head balance, its relationship to the spine, and the central role these elements play in upright posture.

We have posted this series on our blog.

To read the study as PDF, please click here.

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