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Dev-Mo Project. Semi-Supine Position. Lowering and Raising the Leg

Lowering and Raising the Leg

Because the pelvis is attached to the spine, it is not as easy to use leg movements to bring about release as it is the shoulders, which are far more mobile.

It helps to remember that these aren't just movements to be performed but a way of noticing what we do to interfere and to bring about more coordinated action. Because the legs tend to get quite bound up, we must do quite a lot of directing and exploring before we can begin to recognize habitual tensions and to release them.

The whole point of these exercises is to bring about this release -- particularly in the inner thighs and in the flexors across the front of the hip, which correspond to the pectoral region of the shoulders. It is only when we get this release that the knees will be able to go forward and away and truly lengthen out of the back and trunk.

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