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The Dev-Mo Project. Semi-Supine Position. Moving Limbs

Moving Your Limbs on the Ground

Moving the arms and legs is so familiar to all of us that it is difficult to believe that making such simple movements can bring about substantial improvements in bodily coordination, or release muscles that are chronically tight.

But it is precisely our everyday tendency to unconsciously tighten and shorten muscles that makes these movements so useful. Normally when we lower a leg or raise an arm, we use a great deal of tension in the flexors (across the front of the hip in the case of the leg, and the pectoral muscles of the shoulder in the case of the arm). If we study these movements closely, we can begin to prevent this tightening, which in turn unlocks and releases these key areas of interference.

Until we do this, we cannot fully free the neck, direct the head out of the back, or bring about the release of the extensors in the back of the body, all of which depend on restoring our full front length by releasing the flexors in the front of the body.

In the next few posts, we will give specific instructions for moving limbs. Stay tuned.

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