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What is the whispered "ah," and why do we practice it? This procedure, which F.M. Alexander developed to address his own vocal problems and taught to his students, is explained in detail in Breathing & The Voice. The "how-to" manual provides background information and step-by-step exercises that build on each other to make this procedure accessible to students at every skill level. Anyone interested in freeing up the breathing mechanism and discovering an easy, open speaking or singing voice will find this manual useful.




The eBook is an ePub file compatible with reading software installed on most computers, tablets, and smartphones, including Apple Books for Apple devices. However, you may need to install a reader on your device. Suggestions include Adobe Digital Systems, Google Play Books, and Sumatra PDF, although there are many reputable readers.

Breathing and the Voice eBook

  • This ebook is in ePub format. You may need to download an eReader app. Suggested eReader apps include Apple Books, Adobe Digital Systems, and Sumatra PDF.

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