Admissions and Policies


The prerequisites for admission are:

1) 21 years of age
2) Visit class while in session

3) Meet with the Director

4) Take one private lesson
It is preferred that candidates attend class for a longer trial period of two weeks or more

to ensure that the student understands the Institute philosophy and mission.



The Dimon Institute has a rolling admissions policy; applicants are encouraged to apply at any time. Students may enroll for the Fall, Spring and Summer terms.
Applicants must submit the application form, visit at least one class while in session, and meet with the Director.

As part of our commitment to affordability, the Dimon Institute has created a scholarship fund to help students cover demonstrated financial need.


The Teacher Certification Program consists of nine trimesters over a period of 3 years. Each year contains two 11- week trimesters and one 8-week trimester of active study. Regular breaks are built into the trimesters due to the intense nature of the practical work. The 1660-hour credit program meets the standards set by the American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT) for the training of Alexander Technique teachers. It consists of 1,047 hours of skill development which includes classroom instruction, supervised teaching, and private lessons; and 613 hours of theory which includes anatomy and neuroscience, and text review and discussion. Students attend classes 5 days a week, and an average week includes 11 hours of practical work with 7 hours of theory.



Our curriculum and reading materials are outlined at the end of the catalog. The required texts for a term will be advised before each semester, and written and oral responses will be required as part of the theoretical training.



Classes for the Psychophysical Education and Alexander Technique Teacher Certification Program are held at The Dimon Institute at 356 West 123rd Street, New York, NY 10027



The Dimon Institute maintains a minimum average of at least 1 faculty member for every 5 candidates at all times in a single space. The maximum number of candidates in a typical class is 20. 

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Founded and led by Dr. Theodore Dimon, The Dimon Institute is a world-renowned center for the study of the Alexander Technique in New York City, providing the most comprehensive, in-depth training and Alexander Technique teacher certification (AmSAT certified) available. 

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