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School for Awareness and Movement Science

The Art and Science of Self Awareness

What does it mean to be fully conscious in thought and action? Meditative techniques help us to quiet and focus the mind; yoga, relaxation, and breathing techniques help to fine-tune the body. But we do not function with just a mind or just a body but with a unified system that operates, in whatever we are doing, at a mostly unconscious level. The first door to be opened on the path toward greater mindfulness—and the mission of the School for Awareness and Movement Science—is to understand how this unified system works as the basis for living consciously.


When achieved fully, the conscious use of the human organism in action will represent a new stage of evolution in which action and perception are integrated at a higher level of control. To be complete, a model of awareness and development must be a theory of education par excellence, a practical art and science of the human being in thought and action. This can come only by arriving at knowledge of how our higher systems work in action that is at once spiritual, scientific, and practical.

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